The New PAYDAY 2 Patch (v1.04 / 5.3 GB) Is Now Live For PS3

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Today is a big day for console heisters, as a new patch for PAYDAY 2 has been released and a grip of DLC will be hitting the PlayStation Store later today.

The patch brings many enhancements and fixes which PC players have seen for months. I won’t post the full list, but you can see it here.

The three biggest changes:
• The Infamous system – With the new Infamy system the player can continue to advance beyond reputation level 100. Becoming infamous will reset the player to reputation level 0 but unlocks the new Infamy tree where the player can invest Infamy points and unlock more stat bonuses as well as new content such as masks, materials and patterns.
• The Cloaker Enemy – The return of the special law enforcer from PAYDAY: The Heist.
• The selective fire mode system – All payers are now able to toggle Single- and Auto-fire with their weapons.

• Added the Happy Santa mask
• Added the Hockey Heat mask
• Added the Mark mask

• Hosting Ability: Invite friends to play in the new DLC heists even if they don’t own the DLC themselves.

• Increased the total amount of mask and weapon slots from 18 to 72

• Added the track “Sirens in the Distance” to the game
• Added the track “Wanted dead or alive” to the game
• Added the track “Armed to the teeth” to the game
• Improved the quality of all weapon reload sounds

Again, there is a lot more then just what I picked out above. Hopefully I can get the crew back together and we can record some hi-jinks for you all to watch. Do you still have any interesting in playing the PS3 version of PAYDAY 2 now that a PS4 version has been announced?

  • KosmoCrisis

    5.3GB!! That’s crazy. I mean, isn’t it? PayDay 2 is technically an indie game and that’s just a lot of data. WTF will it weigh on PS4?

    • Sedax

      They’re pretty established by now so i wouldnt exactly call them indie not to mention that has zero effect on the size of a patch.

  • CrashB97

    I can’t download this patch, I keep getting error code 80023EF and I can’t figure out how to fix it. Anything else I download doesn’t get this error. I even redownloaded the game.

  • ObsessedGeorge

    Somebody’s returning to the crew again!

  • jerseydave

    Game freezes when attempting to purchase the DLC content update. I leave the game for several minutes and it still never connects. Internet is fast and wi-fi connection very good.

  • Logan Fluxilis

    heh thats funny, the PC version just got a 5.3GB update as well and no one’s believeing it

    • BubbleButt

      Yea indeed just googled for it, thought it was dling payday2 all over again o_O