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Metanet Software’s N++ Coming to PS4 this winter

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Fans of devilishly hard platformers have probably heard of the N series of games before. In N you take control of a Ninja trying to collect gold and reach the exit before a timer runs out while dodging a plethora of deadly obstacles that are in your way.  The previous games N and N+ were both received very positively and as we learned in Sony’s Gamescom conference today the newest game in the series, N++, will be making its way to the PS4 this winter.

The team at Metanet  have been working on the N series off and on now for almost 10 years and they plan on puttnig all that knowlege and experience into making N++ the definitive version, giving the game a new art style, innovative new mutliplayer modes, thousands of new levels, and a new level editor to create and share levels which will make sure that there is plenty of N++ to prove your ninja skills with. While you wont see any gameplay in the teaser trailer above you can catch a glimpse of the new art style and level designs that will be in the game. Currently the game is only set to come to the PS4, but the team have stated that they are intersted in releasing a Vita version and will be looking into it after the PS4 release.

To read up on Metanet Software and the history of N++ make sure you check out their blog and if you want to try your hand at the original N to prepare yourself for N++ you can play the game online for free here.

[Source: US PlayStation Blog]