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Lone Survivor: The Director’s Cut Trophies will be unobtrusive as possible; will also include a platinum

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Since the 4.20 firmware update back in 2008 trophies have been a common feature on PlayStation platforms. Many people, including myself, love to chase after those virtual trinket’s of honor to show off our ability and take on all the challenges a games has to offer. But there seems to be just as many people who do not care about them, or even hate them altogether saying that they negatively influence how a game is played and take away from the experience rather then adding to it. In some part, even though I still get a thrill when I see a trophy pop up in the corner, I have to agree with them. More then a few times I have had a plot point spoiled for me by looking at the trophy list or suddenly being pulled out of a climactic part of a game by hearing that now very familiar sound of a trophy and having the icon block part of the scene. Well after many discussions with Sony Jasper Byrne of Superflat Games has managed to come up with a way to hopefully satisfy both camps when it comes to trophies for the upcoming PS3/Vita port of his title Lone Survivor.

To help keep the player immersed in the post-apocalyptic survival horror world he created you will not see any trophy notifications during gameplay. The only time trophies will unlock is when your character goes to sleep or once you finish the game, making sure you don’t get interrupted while playing . Almost all trophies will be hidden also, so you wont run into the problem I listed above by having plot points ruined for you or influencing your initial playthrough. A notification screen will also appear when you start up Lone Survivor suggesting that you disable trophy notifications to get the most out of the game.


But just because he doesn’t want trophies to negatively affect your experience with the game doesn’t mean that trophy design was an afterthought. The trophies included in Lone Survivor will add deep additional challenges to the game having the player not just progress through the game but explore all that the the world has to offer, opening up many new aspects that you wouldn’t normally see. And of course your reward for doing so will be a nice Platinum trophy at the end to add to your collection. By the sounds of it this will definitely be a challenging one to get, but also quite rewarding.

You can look forward to seeing this trophy system in action when Lone Survival: The Director’s Cut is released this September on PS3 and Vita. The port is being handled by the very dependable developers Curve Studios and will include many improvements and new content over the PC version, making the Director’s Cut subtitle a well deserving one.

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