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[Update] 50 States 50 Codes Giveaway Returns Yet Again (Rules)

Posted by on August 5th, 2013 | 22 Comments | Tags:

Update: FuturLab has been kind enough to give us 10 extra codes. Canada that means you are in this. Crazy eastern Canada (waves to our writer Andrew Brewer), you are considered Eastern Time Zone.

FuturLab and PSNStores are combining forces yet again to reign terror on the USA. We have 50 vouchers for Velocity Ultra, a kick-ass game for your PlayStation Vita. Things will go down much like they did last time, with a few changes:

On Tuesday, August 6th, at 1:00 pm (PDT) I will put up the contest page. There will be a list of 50 states, and to get entered all you have to do is post a comment on that page. I will check the IP from where you are posting from to verify the location. We are going to break it off into sections this time.

Tuesday will be states within the Eastern Time Zone.
Wednesday will be states within the Central Time Zone.
Thursday will be states within the Mountain Time Zone.
Friday will be states within the Pacific Time Zone (Alaska and Hawaii included)

What about states that are wacky and have 2 time zones? That is up to me to decide. For example Indiana will be grouped with Central states, while Arizona is going to be listed with Pacific ones. Kentucky will be in the East and Tennessee will be Central. Do we all understand? If you are unsure which timezone you are in, just check to see if I mentioned your state in the post.

This time I will be randomly picking a person from each state, so you don’t need to be first. I will be drawing names the day after your state is up, so for example: Eastern Time winners will be picked on Wednesday. On Saturday I will raffle off the remaining states that haven’t been picked on Twitter.

You will need to have a US account to redeem these codes.

So I hope everyone is ready for this, see you tomorrow. I would like to thank the awesome people over at FuturLab for letting us run this contest again. Be sure to follow them on twitter.