Roguelike Adventure Bar Labyrinth coming to PlayStation Mobile next week

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As we learned a couple of days ago a PSM title called Adventure Bar Labyrinth will be releasing in this upcoming weeks PSM update. Labyrinth is a spin off of Adventure Bar Story, an iOS/android game that mixed a traditional turn based RPG with a bar/restaurant management simulation where you had to keep your family’s restaurant from being sold by discovering recipes, adventuring to obtain the needed ingredients, and then choosing what to serve that night to obtain the most money. It was quite an interesting concept and one that I enjoyed playing on my phone for a while. In Labyrinth you play as the former thief  Lidia, one of the characters from Adventure Bar Story, so it looks like a lot of familiar faces will be seen for fans of the original.

Labyrinth seems to be switching things up a bit though. Gone is the turn based party combat and in its place is a new rougelike system with gameplay similar to Chunsoft’s Mystery Dungeon games. In the game you will be exploring an underground labyrinth that has suddenly appeared in the city of Casselburg, in search for the legendary treasure left by the first king of Cassel. Each floor you visit is randomly generated and the game is turn based, meaning each action (move, attack, search, ect) counts as a turn with the monsters on the floor only getting a turn after each of your own. This allows you plenty of time to think and strategize but also makes it very easy to be overrun  if you are not paying attention,  something you should always make sure you are doing while playing as dying comes with a very big penalty; you lose all the items you are currently carrying and get bumped back down to level one the next time you enter the labyrinth. Those rougelikes are always known for challenging the player, and it seems that’s definitely the case in Labyrinth. It also looks like they are bringing back some of the cooking aspects of the original, allowing you to consume a cooked item before entering the dungeon to bestow different effects and gain experience points.

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The Japanese version of the game was released a month ago on PSM as a freemium title with in-app purchases and it looks like the English version will be released in a similar fashion. Right now we are not sure what is inaccessible or how much the in-app purchase’s will cost, but the games website makes it sound like certain items (or maybe even all items) are blocked off unless you pay a fee. We will know more about how they work when Adventure Bar Labyrinth releases next week.

  • xxAcesHighxx

    This looks pretty damn good! Looking forward to next weeks update for sure! One slight concern though – any idea why there’s a ruddy great d-pad on the the left of the screen? Will Vita not be using its analogue stick? Or is it, perhaps a virtual d-pad, just for the Playstation certified phones and tablets not armed with physical controls?

    Either way, I’m really looking forward to putting Adventure Bar Labyrinth through it’s paces on Wednesday – which incidently, is the day I turn 40!

    I know right, the big four-o. Not nice!

    • Andrew

      Happy early birthday AcesHigh!

      As of now we don’t know for sure but I would assume you would be able to choose between the physical buttons on the Vita or the virtual layout you see in the images. I am also hoping that if you choose to use the Vita buttons that you can disable the onscreen controller. While not necessarily in the way, it would be nice to look at a non-cluttered screen.

    • xxAcesHighxx

      Couldn’t agree more Andrew. I do like an uncluttered display.

      Many thanks for the (early) birthday wishes by the way, much appreciated buddy. Have a great week.

      PS, it’s 31 degree’s here in London today – and I’m melting!!!! Typical Brit right? Always moaning about something 😉

  • Elvick

    Shaping up nicely PSM.

  • jengo

    This game is really good. They beat Spelunky and Binding of Isaac to the Vita rogue-like rush. No HD graphics or trophies needed! After getting sucked into it, I wish there was a paid version of the game to just pay my respects to the devs and be done with “jewels”.