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PlayStation Mobile Sneak Peek July 17th 2013: Hermit Crab in Space Plus 7 Other Titles

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Here is what hopefully will be released on July 17th on the PlayStation Mobile store. You should note that the releases are subject to change and that games do not always come to every region that PlayStation Mobile is in.

Adventure Bar Labyrinth

After some internet sleuthing by people in the comments, it seems that Adventure Bar Labyrinth is actually a freemium game that came out in Japan a month or so ago. You take control of a bar that is located inside an RPG.

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Can’t find anything about this game either. Having a name like Block Buster doesn’t help on Google at all.

Flapper Princess

This game came out back in January for users in Japan. Currently it costs ¥550, which in terms of USD on PSM means $5.49. Seems kind of pricey for what looks to like…

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Hermit Crab in Space

Winner of the first PlayStation Mobile Game Jam, Hermit Crab In Space has you building up your spaceship and trying to get back to your zone. I had a chance to play this game back at E3 and it was really fun. Read those words right here.

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PicBox is getting re-released after getting all patched up. You can now (hopefully) unlock the full version of the game.

The Packet Queen

The Packet Queen is a puzzle game that should be around $2.99. The object is to sort items into like “packets”. The game will be in English as well as Japanese.

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Touch Treasure

Another game we know nothing about!

Dynamic visual acuity test

We just got word that this is also coming out. Not much I can find on it, other that learning what a Dynamic visual acuity test actually is.

Be sure to check back on Tuesday night for pricing details and more. Also if one of these games looks interesting to you, be sure to check out weekly PlayStation Mobile livestream to see how it plays.