PlayStation Mobile Sneak Peek August 14th 2013: Scientific Electronic Calculator & More

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Here is what hopefully will be released on August 14th on the PlayStation Mobile store. You should note that the releases are subject to change and that games do not always come to every region that PlayStation Mobile is in.

Everything this week is from the Developer Portal, so it will be next to impossible to find any information about these games.

Aik The Barbarian

Search came up with nothing. I want this to be a gauntlet style game, I doubt I will be right.

Instant memory test

I have a feeling this is from the developer of Dynamic Visual Acuity Test. I could be wrong.

Scientific Electronic Calculator

This is the 3rd calculator app released on the platform. I just hope this one has some actual art and doesn’t just use the default UI stuff.

SHOOTING ★Featured

Maybe this is a shmup? The name sounds like it will be from a Japanese developer.

Please be excited for next week’s releases. If you know anything about any of these games, please post in the comments below.