PS Mobile Quick Plays: Hermit Crab in Space, Adventure Bar Labyrinth, The Packet Queen & More

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Want to know what some of this week’s PlayStation Mobile titles look and play like? Fear not, PSNStores has you covered. Our PSM Quick Plays now feature video! There is some interlacing caused by the capture kit, that is not present in the games originally. So sit back and check out what came to PlayStation Mobile this week.

Tobipen (New Update) – $1.49
Touch Treasure – $0.49
Flapper Princess – $5.49
Pic Box – Free ($2.29 IAP to unlock full game)
The Packet Queen – $2.99
Adventure Bar Labyrinth – Free (IAP to buy gems)
Hermit Crab in Space – $2.79

  • Freelance

    I was very sad that I didn’t have enough funds to buy Crab, but then I saw it’s not available in Canada anyway so I’m not sad anymore.

    • Chris

      Darn that French language requirement

  • Golden Ruby Games

    Thanks for the review! We looked into the repair glitch and it looks to be purely graphical, so the damage is still retained.

    We’re working on a fix now.

    • Chris

      Ah man, I thought I found something to help me out 🙁