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Mamorukun Curse! trailer blends anime with bullet hell

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Mamorukun Curse is a new bullet hell game from the co-developers of Gradius-V and Ikaruga, one of the most popular and hard to find Dreamcast/GameCube games ever. This time around they got a bit cutesy and infused anime all over their bullet hell.

Published by UFO Interactive, purveyor of crazy games, Mamorukun Curse is a single player top down shooter that plays both widescreen for left to right battles, and in a sort of portrait view for bottom to top bullet hell shoot outs similar to Ikaruga. The bullet dodging madness is all presented in full 1080p with a sound track reminiscent of games from the 90’s and early 00’s.

Take a look at the trailer above and tell us what you think of the game. Right now it’s coming to PSN on July 16th, though wouldn’t it also play nice with the Vita?