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Get ready for PS4: Don’t Starve walkthroughs

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PlayStation 4 is now months away from becoming an entertainment centerpiece in family rooms, wherever you’re TV happens to reside. In an effort to fuel everyone’s desire for more PS4 content, how about a new feature? “Get ready for PS4” starting with these Don’t Starve walkthroughs I’ve discovered on YouTube.

This Don’t Starve channel was created by Zach Scott who has recently recorded walkthroughs of such titles like The Walking Dead: 400 Days, Gran Turismo 6 demo, and various Nintendo games. The Don’t Starve channel is interesting to me because no. 1, it’s the in-development PC version but gives us a really good idea of what to expect on PS4, and no. 2, he made 55 episodes when in the first he said he might do five or six.

Don’t Starve is being developed by Klei Games for consoles and optimized controls for DualShock 4 seems to be their focus according to a PlayStation Blog post last month by Jamie Cheng, Co-Founder of Klei. The game is described as “an uncompromising, wilderness survival game full of science and magic.” You’ll play as protagonist Wilson (you can choose between four different characters though) who is trapped at the start of the game by a demon that sends him to a sparse wilderness environment.

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The levels are all randomly generated. Wilson must adventure around to find resources to build tools, weapons, and contraptions used to advance the gameplay along. Klei has talked about being repelled by extrinsic rewards like loot, points systems, levels and trophies. But I’m afraid that’s what gamers are used to and for the most part, look forward to most in an adventure game. These things are basic video game rewards, but Klei is looking to provide an intrinsically rewarding experience. Can’t wait.

You can experience the game for yourself on Steam for PC, Mac, and Linux. It’s even available in the Chrome Store and is very highly reviewed.

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