Don’t Starve: Reign of Giants coming to PS4 on July 22nd

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The Reign of Giants DLC for Don’t Starve will be available next week on PlayStation 4. You’ll be able to purchase the DLC for $4.99 and if you’re a PS+ member you’ll receive a 10% discount.

Reign of Giants features two new playable characters (Wigfrid and Webber), two additional seasons to allow for a year-round changing of seasons in-game, new biomes, new enemies, an additional save slot, and giants. In addition a new patch will be released next week that fixes some bugs and adds some new content that previously was only in the PC version of the game. The patch notes can be found below:

Added Snow Chester and Shadow Chester
New in-game text strings & dialogue
Option to disable Screen Shake.
Expanded options for World Generation.
New ability to save custom pre-sets in World Generation screen
Random character select option when starting a new game.

[Source: Klei Entertainment Forums]