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ESRB says Aabs Animals is on Vita and PS3

Posted by on July 11th, 2013 | 5 Comments | Tags:

Performing a generic search for new games on ESRB’s website produced an interesting find, Aabs Animals is rated for Vita and PS3. The Vita version of this “AR” game utilizes the rear camera to impose your living space into the background of the on-screen cat.


On PS3, it would likely use the PS Eye much like EyePet does, except for the fact that PS3 doesn’t  have a touch screen for input and Aabs Animals doesn’t have any gameplay. My first thought is this must be a clerical error on the side of ESRB. At the same time, I would think they don’t give free ratings out without a double check system.

If it is coming to PS3, how fun would it be? Did anyone buy Aabs Animals on Vita and what is your opinion of the game? Here’s your chance to write a mini review in the comments section below.