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Dev Talk: Aabs Animals available now for Vita

Posted by on July 10th, 2013 | 3 Comments | Tags: ,

Dev Talk is where developers speak directly to our readers about their new games and apps. We hope you find their unique perspective helpful in making your PSN purchases. 

Written by Toshiharu Sugii, CEO of Aabs Inc.

This is a game for those who love interacting with animals, and is aimed at anyone not matter their skill level or where they are from. This game has no objectives like high scores, completing the game, or beating enemies. Players are just playing with cuddly animals.


As mentioned before, Aabs Animals is not story driven, but interactive driven— which is the main theme for this game. You stay focused on playing with the animals lovingly rather than raising the pet. This is different from other pet games. Players can not only touch and pet animals on screen, but also just look at them and observe their behavior. All the time you can enjoy the soft music, like a music box that is being played in the background.

We are starting with providing a cat at first (a favorite for most people), which can be customized with five different color options and four combinations of ear and tail totaling 20 combinations. In the future, you can expect free updates and great DLC packs that include additional animals.


With the purchase of Aabs Animals we will also donate some of our sales to the public animal rescue organizations listed below.

Japan Animal Welfare Society
Fukushima Animal Welfare

You can grab Aabs Animals now from the PlayStation Store for $4.99.