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Aabs Animals for Vita…what is it?

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Almost weekly we hear about a new game close to its release. The fun part is finding out how much time we get to prepare for a purchase before the game releases on the PS Store. Aabs Animals hits the store tomorrow, but do we know enough about it to merit a purchase? What is it?

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Here’s what we know so far:

  • Aabs Animals has been developed by Aabs
  • It’s exclusively for Vita
  • It was released in Japan and Korea end of 2012, just now (July 9th) coming to North America
  • It’s an AR (augmented reality) pet simulator; the camera is used to supply the backdrop while a semi-interactive digital representation of a cat appears on screen
  • There are 5 color variations, 2 ear variations, and 2 tail variations
  • It has the least difficult (5) trophies in the history of games having trophies/achievements
    • Bronze: Kawaii – play for 15 seconds
    • Silver: Charming – play for 45 seconds
    • Gold: Cute – play for 135 seconds
    • Gold: Lovely – play for 225 seconds
    • Gold: Pretty – play for 315 seconds

Again, I descend upon YouTube for assistance in demonstrating this game. I love how this guy flips out when the trophies just start popping without any player input. And I think I may just start saying “Let’s do dis” everytime I start a game on Vita.

Conversion rates make it difficult to guesstimate a US price for Aabs Animals, but an educated one would put this game at $4.99 or less if they want any sales. One could argue this game offers less gameplay than most $0.99 iOS interactive animal games. When tomorrow comes, you’ll buy this game for one of only two reasons: 1) you have a small child who you think would “love this game” AND you don’t already have a smartphone or tablet, or 2) you are a trophy whore collector with a disposable income!!!

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