PlayStation Mobile Update – June 19th 2013

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Here is what is new on PSM this week. All descriptions and screens were taken from the PlayStation Mobile store. Games are subject to regional availability.

Charisou DX( ¥600 )

This is a bike racing game where you must avoid obstacles. It looks like the PSM version has a new game mode, “Classic mode”

Publisher: Spicysoft Corporation
Size: 56 MB
Players: 1 Player
Online: No
Supports: Controller/On-screen Controller
Availability: JP

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Calculator( $0.79 / £0.65 / ¥75 )

This is a calculator app. Looks like you can solve quadratics with it, hooray~

Publisher: toshinori tamashihro
Size: 878 KB
Players: 1 Player
Online: No
Supports: Touchscreen
Availability: US, UK, JP

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Miko Gakkou Monogatari: Sanae Episode (English ver.) ( $3.29 / £2.59 )

We are proud to present the English version of this fully voiced visual novel game, created in collaboration with Akihabara’s voice cafe and bar “Seiyuu no Tamago”. [Chris note: The Voice over is in Japanese, but there is English text]

Publisher: xinoro
Size: 103 MB
Players: 1 Player
Online: No
Supports: Touchscreen, Controller/On-screen Controller
Availability: US, UK

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Price Changes

Both iFishing and iFishing Saltwater are now $2.99 each.


Not sure if anything was patch just yet. Will let you know if we hear anything.

  • KosmoCrisis

    To sum this up, it equates to Calculator having quite a large pair of integers thinking he can just coming into our gaming market and multiply. And why isn’t that bike game in our region damnit?!

    • Chris

      Next week

  • Freelance

    I got Mario Calculator on my 3DS which looks a lot better than this PSM app.

    • Stone Skull

      good for you!