PlayStation Mobile Sneak Peek: Blinkin Blobs, Cardboard Castle, Jail Break, And More

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Can’t find anything about this game. Sadly we know this happens all too often with PlayStation Mobile games.

Blinkin Blobs

Blinkin Blobs is an action puzzle game, where you have to remove all of the blobs from the game board. You do this by catching and throwing blobs of the same color at each other. Look out for the bomb and clock blobs that will assist you in tricky situations.

Cardboard Castle

Update: It looks like they changed their minds and the game will no cost $1.99.

Sorry for the Android trailer but I think you can get the gist of the gameplay from it. We have a price for this game also; $6.99. Yikes, as I believe it is around $2 on other mobile platforms.

Jail Break

The developers were kind enough to give us a brief description of the game:

In Jail Break you are on the run from the law! Jump, duck and smash through anything that gets in your way as you make your escape through a variety of different locations.

The objective is for the player to stay “on the run” for as long as possible avoiding obstacles and captors via a series of commands those with the fastest reactions will survive the longest and score the most points. Users will be exposed to a variety of levels that increase in speed and difficulty the further they progress through each level.

You can get out some screens and more on the game’s page

Mononoke Slashdown

Got nothing on this one either, 3 out of 5 isn’t bad though.