FarSight Studios Kickstarter to bring Terminator 2: Judgment Day to Pinball Arcade

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Terminator 2: Judgment Day is coming to The Pinball Arcade with your help. This now makes three Kickstarter campaigns that FarSight Studios has used to help fund the purchase of various licenses. Licenses that they require to bring Terminator 2: Judgment Day to The Pinball Arcade from the real world to digital world. Arnold gotsta get paid!

The Steve Richie designed table comes from the Williams family of pinball tables and was the first to feature a ball launcher later seen twice in the Star Trek: TNG table. It is also the most massively produced pinball table of its time with 18,000 units manufactured. I hope FarSight can sell more than 18,000 copies of this table pack when it hits PSN for $4.99. The Kickstarter will run until July 21st, and the pledge gifts indicate a delivery in September.

FarSight is asking for $59,000 to pay for the Terminator 2 movie tie-in license, a license for Arnold’s voice and likeness, and a license from Williams for the table itself. In the Kickstarter presentation embedded below Jay Olbernolte, president of FarSight Studios, says this will be the most expensive table they’ve ever emulated. What better way to get free money than from Kickstarter and crowdfunding. Will you donate?

Skip to the 3:58 mark if you want to jump right to details on the Terminator 2 table. I wish I had $9,500 lying around. [Thanks to FarSight Studios for the custom art used at the top of this post!]

[Source: The Pinball Arcade Kickstarter]