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Tell PSNStores What You Want to See Most at E3 2013

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E3 2013 is literally just around the corner as the events in Los Angeles will actually kick off on Sunday night in the form of parties. Monday is the day Microsoft, EA, and Sony will unveil their plans for the future. Both Chris and Nick will be there this year and we’d like to know where you want us to go, what games to look out for, and who you’d like us to talk to most.

Of course we have an itinerary and scheduled meetings with many indie developers and their games. PSNStores is even going to be at the big Sony press conference on Monday night starting at 6pm! We hope to finally see what the PS4 looks like alongside that snazzy new feature-laden DualShock 4 controller and optional PS4 camera. It would be nice to know what our readers want most from E3.

Here are some examples of games we’d like to get our hands on:

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