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E3 2013: Hands-on with Real Boxing for Vita

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It was the end of day 2 in Los Angeles’ E3 2013, and one of the many highlights of my day went to Remi Koscielny’s Real Boxing on Vita. The president of Vivid Games met with me to demonstrate the game on his personal Vita and talk about several exclusive features over the iOS version.

It’s impossible for me to resist talking about Fight Night from EA Sports. Really, what other boxing games come to mind? But for me, watching Remi play Real Boxing stirred up memories of the many many hours I personally put into Fight Night on PSP. I wanted so badly for a great boxing game to come to handheld, and I still want this very badly on my Vita.

What was shown to me was an early build with plenty of time left to work out the kinks and pressures of crafting a playable game before E3, so immediately you may notice in the video interview that the touch interface is a little unresponsive. Furthermore, Remi tells me there will be a local and online enabled multiplayer mode as well as leaderboards added to the main menu when the game is released in August.

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Real Boxing is sitting pretty in a position to fill the portable boxing game void nicely with sharp graphics, smooth motion captured character animations, and a ton of character customizations to unlock over the course of your career mode playthrough. The game is built on the Unreal Engine, which shines through and allowed porting assets to the higher resolution screen and more powerful hardware of the Vita easy.

Toward the end of my time with Remi and Real Boxing I shared my desire to see the blocking mechanic steer away from the auto-block for low body shots and the corners, to one that gives me more control. My idea of a true boxing simulator is one that forces me to be the boxer, guarding my face and body from attack with as much precision as the striking. Footwork in Real Boxing is also somewhat automated, but you can jump on that left analog stick at anytime to move your boxer around.

We will keep in contact with Vivid Games and Remi as we approach the official release of Real Boxing on Vita in August. Now I’d like to know what questions you may have for Vita’s first boxing game. Leave your comment or question below.