Daylight announced for PS4

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A few hours ago Atlus teased via their twitter account that tonight’s Gametrailers TV on Spike would contain some information for a new game coming early next year. That game turned out to be the horror game Daylight that’s currently in development at Zombie Studios. You may recognize them as the developer who is bringing Blacklight Retribution to PS4.

In Daylight you wake up in an abandoned hospital with only your cell phone to help you see through the darkness. From there you’ll explore in search of a way to escape. The twist comes in the fact that Daylight positions itself as a procedurally generated psychological thriller. With each game you start you’re experience will be different which, in theory, could work really well.

Check out the trailer above and look for more info on Daylight during E3 next week. Daylight will be available digitally on the PS4 early in 2014.

  • Paul Knights

    This is what Sony’s policy on indy developers is bringing to all its consoles.
    I’m truly impressed with all these announcements.
    MS are touting 15 exclusives in its first year for XBONE, currently Sony could easily boast 30+ exclusives in its first 6 months for PS4.
    MS will have to rethink its policy pretty quickly.