A Super Motherload Vita companion app will accompany the PS4 version

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X-Gen Studios announced today that, alongside developing Super Motherload for the PS4, they’re currently working on a Vita companion app to go along with the upcoming game. The app will allow for real time interaction between players on the Vita and PS4:

Players will essentially act as engineers inside of the pods of their PS4-playing counterparts. As an engineer, you can assist the pod players by reconfiguring pod functions in real-time or by completing mini-games that enhance the efficiency of mineral collection.

The app will allow for up to 8 players to play at once. (Four on the PS4 and four on the Vita.) Super Motherload is scheduled to release sometime later this year.

  • Chris

    That sounds really cool

    • Ed Carroll

      Sounds like an interesting intrigation with the Vita. This game wasn’t on my radar before, it is now.

  • robin

    i hope the main game can be played on vita too

  • Eric G

    Sounds perfect for people who are hanging around or observers who don’t want to get into the thick of things on the big screen. This game keeps getting better.

  • Eric G

    Will the four additional players EACH need a Vita? The way it reads now looks like four people will be sharing one Vita screen. I don’t have four people near me with Vitas. Maybe… maybe I can use… Near?