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PlayStation Mobile Program Now Free

Posted by on May 8th, 2013 | 3 Comments | Tags:

Oh man, if you’ve been thinking about becoming a PlayStation Mobile licensed publisher, now is the time to do so. Sony has announced that the $99 publisher licensing fee has been waived (from May 8 until September 2) with the goal of allowing anyone to self-publish on PSM.

You now have absolutely no excuse for putting off that idea you’ve been cooking up for so long. PSM may have been a hit or miss platform for the most part, with at least a dozen games being really amazing and fun. As mentioned in the PlayStation Blog post by Sarah Thompson, SCEA Senior Manager of Mobile Content Acquisition for PlayStation Mobile (and Sid thought Nick had a long title), Haunt the House: Terrortown and Beats Slider are a couple examples of really great games demonstrating only a little of what PSM can do.

Our own editor in chief Chris has documented the release of around 80 PSM games available to anyone with a PS Vita or PlayStation certified device. That’s a lot of games! Of course, there is no better place to learn about those games and all new and upcoming PSM releases then right here at PSNStores.com.

So if you’re preparing to submit your game for PSM, email us at editors@psnstores.com. Any gamers out there interested in making a PSM game? Will this announcement lead to a metric ton of shovelware, or might we see some quality games no longer restricted by fees? List your favorite PSM games in the comments section below…

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