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Penguin Party: Cake, Sharks and Top Hats

Posted by on May 3rd, 2013 | 4 Comments | Tags:

You’ve probably heard us talking about Penguin Party on PSM already on our weekly podcast. If you haven’t checked the game out for yourself yet, which you should as it’s free, here’s a trailer showing off what the game is all about.

Penguin Party is a free download with the option to purchase customization options for your penguins if you’re into that sort of thing. At the moment you can purchase a monocle and top hat for just over a dollar and, if the end of this trailer is a hint of things to come, it looks like two more options might be available soon. Penguin Party will also be receiving level packs with some that are promised to be free for anyone who downloads the game.

Penguins aside it’s actually an entertaining game that’s well worth the download. The fact that it’s free certainly helps as well.