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[UPDATE] New Indie Games PS Store Category Coming With Celebratory Discounts

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Later today the PlayStation Store, one of PSNStores biggest reasons for existing, is finally going to add an indie games category. Shoppers will be able to browse just about everything we talk about here on this site, all in one location within the store. At this point, we are forced to assume this new category will become available in all forms of the PlayStation Store including PS3, Vita, PSP and web, because the PlayStation Blog post does not specify.

Furthermore, in a celebratory gesture of celebration, select titles will be offered at a discount of up to 55% (or free if you count one of May’s PS Plus deals mentioned). Take a look at the discounted items offered this week, as deals are said to rotate in and out on a weekly basis.

  • May 7-21: Retro City Rampage is 50% to everyone
  • May 7-21: Papo & Yo promotional bundle containing the soundtrack and game is 40% (55% for PS Plus subscribers)
  • Zombie Tycoon 2: Free for PlayStation Plus subscribers for a limited time

The PlayStation Plus – Instant Game Collection freebies of May announcement included a few indie games worth noting such as Knytt Underground (Cross-Buy PS3/Vita), Germinator (PS3/Vita), and The Pinball Arcade (Cross-Buy PS3/Vita).

We will likely not be the first to say that this new category has been a long time coming. We’ll find out later today if indie games will remain in the sections of the store they’ve resided in up to now or get cut into the new Indie Games section. In case they get moved, Indie developers may want to check their SEN store links. Now, let us hold hands for a timely store update.

[UPDATE] – Shortly before the Store updated for everyone, Brian Provinciano sent out an email to all in his mailing list helping to clarify a few things about the new category to both indie game developers and gamers alike. First by saying indie games on PlayStation are nothing like XBLIG in that you may self publish your games on PlayStation devices, but these are fully licensed and rated versions of your games. Not indie tested, indie approved versions as with Xbox Live Indie Games.

Secondly, all games found within the “Indie Games” category will remain in the usual places throughout the store, so any links developers have been using to advertise the location of a particular game within the SEN web store will not be broken.

[Source: PlayStation Blog]