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Let’s Fish! Hooked On Half Price Throughout June for PS Plus

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After a couple weeks of sitting on this information, I’m finally pleased to be able to share with everyone that Let’s Fish! Hooked On will be on sale for 50% off to PlayStation Plus subscribers during the month of June. As the Vita’s premier native fishing game  developed by SIMS, the Japanese developer responsible for SEGA Bass Fishing, it fills a niche other devoid of content on our prized portable game changers. Has it filled your niche?

North America, Europe, and Australia will have access to Let’s Fish! Hooked On for 50% off as early as June 4th/5th until July 2nd/3rd, depending on your region. I have personally provided a lot of coverage on the game here at PSNStores and would like to share those stories with you here. So, if you’re interested in more information on the anime-infused fishing game, it’s trophies, an interview, or what we thought of the game, find those links below for your convenience.