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Super Brain Eat 3 Level Pack Patch Coming Soon

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Like many other mysterious PlayStation indie developers, Thomas Hopper is a one man show creating games by way of T.A.C.S. Games for PlayStation Mobile. To date, he has the most games on offer. He has updated PSNStores with early notice of a title patch that will bring new levels to his least expensive and most popular PSM title, Super Brain Eat 3.

Hopper tells us that the level pack will bring new traps, puzzle elements and more, including a newly added menu and a unique high score save. This is one effective way that developers can say “thank you” to their customers and fans.

Updating my existing games is a great way to make games appealing for new players and to thank existing players for taking a chance on a new game and game studio. I hope to add new features to a few more of my PSM games in the coming months in between working on a big new PSM game which I will show more of when it’s ready.

So, title updates bringing new content for free and a big new PSM game in the works? Sounds good to us, but what do our faithful readers think? Would you like to see more PSM games follow in Thomas Hopper’s fearless footsteps by adding new content?