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Update: Spelunker Collection out this week in Japan for PSVita

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Update: We have received word back from Tozai Games regarding the Vita version coming stateside. “We’re undecided right at this moment whether or not we’ll bring the Vita version to the West,” a rep from Tozai told us via email. So if you want it to come out here, let them know in the comments below.

Released to celebrate the 30th Anniversary of Spelunker, Tozai Games has announced that the Spelunker Collection will be heading to the PlayStation Vita on April 25th in Japan as a PlayStation Network download. The collection, which was released earlier this year for PlayStation 3 includes the original 1983 PC version, the 1985 console version, the 1986 arcade version and the 1986 arcade version of Spelunker 2: 23 Keys. It also includes extras such as design documents, and marketing materials with development handled by Emutsu Production. This release will set you back 1200 yen. Tozai is offering a Cross Buy promotion where owners of the PS3 version can buy the Vita version for half price, and vice versa. Buying both versions will entitle you to a special Spelunker PlayStation Network avatar. Additionally, users who’ve purchased Spelunker HD for PS3 can also receive a discount on the collection.

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While no exact specifics were shared the PS3 version has been confirmed for an international release later this year.

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