Spelunker Collection Out Now In Japan, Coming Stateside Later This Year

Posted by on January 17th, 2013 | 1 Comment | Tags:

Out in Japan just last night for ¥1200, Spelunker Collection is everything a Spelunker fan would ever want. Our own expert on Spelunker, Eric, had the following to say: “Wow.”

Included in this collection are the original Spelunker, Spelunker (Console version), Spelunker (Arcade version), and Spelunker II: 23 Keys. There are also some extras like original marketing materials and design documents.

I contacted Tozai Games to see if we can expect this collection to also be released stateside. I was told that yes the collection will be coming out here, but they do not have a release date set. When I get back to Seattle next week I will probably swing by and check it out. So if you have any questions, drop them here in the comments.

[Image credit: @MajiGamer]