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Soul Sacrifice Demo On PSN Today and Why You Should Care

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Soul Sacrifice came out in Japan not too long ago, and in proper fashion North America is getting it after the pitch. But is this demo something Vita owners should put Guacamelee down to play? That is the million dollar question, and the answer is…

…not up to me to decide. But weighing all the facts would suggest a resounding Yes! Read along as I finish this sentence: Soul Sacrifice…

  • was created by Keiji Inafune with works including the Mega Man series, Resident Evil series and the graphic designer of Duck Tales.
  • demo includes the entire first chapter of the full game.
  • demo save data transfers over to the full game; this is the only way to unlock the “Spirits’ Heart” item which “summons a powerful stone golem that will fight for you”.
  • demo contains a limited time only ad-hoc/online multiplayer component; goes offline upon the full game’s release.
  • is the closest thing to Monster Hunter we’ll see on Vita for a while.


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Soul Sacrifice hits retail and PSN on April 30th, the last PSN update of the month. It’s truly about time a solid retail game hits the Vita. Though this begs the question, are the download-only PSN offerings more than enough to keep every Vita owner happy or are there some who only shop at GameStop?

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