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Sony Shares Rain Concept Art

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Rain was one game of many that we spent some quality time with during GDC last week. In an effort to understand more about the game’s unique spin and it’s surreal art, Japanese developers from PlayStation C.A.M.P. bring the rain with this comparison concept art.

In the images below you can see the concept of how important the rain is to the game. It is the main character, the protagonist, the thing that allows you to see the boy you control and the girl he’s chasing. The rain lets you see the strange dog-like enemies that are chasing the boy for an unknown reason. There are three pairs of images, one with rain and another without the rain.

[gallery_imgs dir=”http://media.psnstores.com/images/rain/concept-art/” num=”6″]

Because of the rain, there is cover. And because there is cover, there are safe zones the boy can stand in to get away from the enemies. When he’s stand under cover he is completely invisible except for his bare footprints. During the PlayStation Indie Arcade, I suggested to the Japanese speaking developer that there be an option for Big Foot mode. Much like how games add Big Head mode to give a silly reason to replay the game.

The developer told me the reason people will want to replay rain is for the story, to catch elements they did not see the first or even second time through. PlayStation C.A.M.P. is a Japanese program designed to allow anyone to submit their game concepts to Sony. They were responsible for games like Trash Panic and Tokyo Jungle.