PlayStation Mobile Version Of Snake Is Getting An Update

Posted by on April 6th, 2013 | 2 Comments | Tags:

If you didn’t know, a version of the classic Snake was released on PlayStation Mobile a few weeks back. From playing it for a little while it seems quite competent, if Snake is your game of choice. The developer, Carrot Creations, will be releasing an update in the coming weeks adding a few features to the game:

  • Small optimisations here and there. The new SDK included some performance optimisations aswell. Nothing really noticeable, but every little helps 🙂
  • Score is now in the centre of the screen (was a mistake on my part!)
  • Can now use buttons on the right to control the snake, aswell as the D-Pad
  • Translations for other countries (italian and german complete, french, spanish and japense will be added soon)
  • 3 new levels 😀

It costs just $0.99 and is the only version of Snake on a PlayStation device (I think)! If you want to know how to update a game on PSM, you can read this post.