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OMG HD Zombies! Triple Dipping Directly Onto Vita

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Developer Laughing Jackal have meticulously recreated their most popular PlayStation minis successes for PlayStation Mobile. And now we’ve learned they are preparing OMG Zombies for an HD-ified version specifically for Vita.

OMG Zombies is one of my personal favorite minis right alongside another that we’re also anticipating will do well as a stand-alone Vita title, Velocity Ultra. OMG HD Zombies will feature a whole flurry of improvements, enhancements, and nuances to rediscover.

Let’s peruse the list of changes together now, shall we:

  • All the backgrounds and menus have been redrawn with “a ton” of new zombie death (redundant?) animations.
  • There are now three new zombie classes: Runner, Taser, and Mortar.
  • All legacy levels have been rearranged and they’ve added 19 new ones, bringing the total to 100 levels.
  • There are now 100 upgrades that can be purchased from the redesigned Upgrades menu.
  • There will be online leaderboards and the game can now be prestiged for boosting leaderboards stats.
  • New touch screen controls join the classic physical button controls.
  • Extended comic book intro, additional elements revealing more of the back story of the outbreak, and two new endings.
  • Last but not least…12 trophies to unlock.

OMG HD Zombies! is being touted as a sequel without actually being a sequel, due to the amount of work that has gone into the improvements. New details will be revealed very soon, and then again each week before the game is released in just a few weeks time.

[Source: Laughing Jackal]