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Hands-On With Draw Slasher

Posted by on April 25th, 2013 | 6 Comments | Tags:

What I love about these hands-on videos I’m able to share with you is that these are not big blockbuster retail games. On the contrary, these are niche digital releases from talented indie developers. And as PlayStation gamers, we are lucky to have them on our PS3s and Vitas.

Before we enter into a romantic relationship between our fingers and this touch screen, first wash your hands with soap and water, because you might just leave a mark. Seriously, oily finger prints can be avoided and will be detectable during the viewing of this video. Although, while swiping and tapping are the basic fundamentals to this zombie-pirate-monkey slaughterhouse that is Draw Slasher, you’ll need to get familiar with the Select button and all the upgrades it can possess.

Draw Slasher is a bloody 2D side-scrolling hack’n slasher. Use your finger to draw out the path of your blade as it slices through zombie-pirate-monkey flesh. Tap the screen to walk to that spot, tap and hold to continue running. Pinch two fingers together to choose a powerful ninjutsu ability to help you during the battle. There is a basic leveling system with various stats and abilities to level up.

The video was long so I cut it together to get more to the point. Please leave a comment or question in the field below.