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UPDATE: Draw Slasher Price and Trophy List Ahead of Tuesday Release

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There are many extremely popular sites out there that dabble (read specialize) in PSN trophy lists, and this Draw Slasher trophy list is one such list we’d like to point out especially. Draw Slasher comes out next Tuesday and Wednesday per your region for the low low price of $5.99/€4.99. Why not get a jump on things now while we can?

Below you’ll notice a few things, first of all being that there is obviously no platinum trophy, but I should hope that never stops you from buying a game. From this list, we can also ascertain that the story mode will contain six boss battles, one of which is against Demon Samurai and unlocks two trophies; one for killing him and one for not killing him.

Furthermore, there is an Arcade Mode which contains the Survival and Gatekeeper modes. There are also Hardcore Challenges, which if you manage to master all of the challenges you’ll unlock what will undoubtedly be the last trophy, the gold 36th Chamber trophy. That trophy title tells us there are 36 24 challenges to play through.

UPDATE: This correction is brought to you by Artur Gosk, Producer at Mass Creation. “36th Chamber is a reference to old school Hong Kong movies from ’80s. I was raised watching VHS a lot of Shaw Brothers movies.”

If that isn’t a grind to you, then killing 5000 Pirate Monkey Zombies to unlock “The Cleaner” will be. Take a look at the complete trophy list below and let us know if you plan to pick up Draw Slasher for $5.99/€4.99 next week.

Gold Gold

  • 36th Chamber
    • Master all Challenges

Silver Silver

  • Shadow Warrior
    • Complete Story Mode
  • 1st Chamber
    • Obtain at least one flame in all basic Challenges
  • The Cleaner
    • Kill 5000 Pirate Monkey Zombies

Bronze Bronze

  • Bamboo Ranger
    • Kill Stomper in Story Mode
  • High Noon
    • Kill Gunslinger in Story Mode
  • Monkey Spider
    • Kill Octo in Story Mode
  • Minefield
    • Kill Hangman in Story Mode
  • Spooky Keeper
    • Kill Phantom in Story Mode
  • Way of the Ninja
    • Kill Demon Samurai in Story Mode
  • Way of the Samurai
    • Do not kill Demon Samurai in Story Mode
  • Grilled Bear
    • Play all Arcade Modes
  • No Remorse
    • Play as Samurai

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