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Luftrausers Coming To PS3 And Vita This Spring

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Vlambeer and Devolver Digital announced today that Luftrausers will be coming to PS3 and Vita as a digital title this spring.

Luftrausers while based on the 2011 flash game, has been reworked with even more insanity. Dogfights are the name of the game and you are in control of an aircraft that can do all sorts of crazy maneuvers. The game now features over 100 missions and 125 different parts to load up on your airplane.

Vlambeer co-founder Rami Ismail the following to say, “We’ve had a great time working with Sony on previous projects and we’re glad to finally announce that we’re working with them again. It was kind of a no-brainer that Luftrausers would be a perfect fit for the systems and we’re delighted to say that our screenshake translates really well to both a TV and the Vita.”

Luftrausers will be $9.99 when it releases this spring, there is no word on Cross-buy as of yet.