Hands-on with Luftrausers for PS3: Weapons, Missions and Enemies Explained

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Luftrausers came to PlayStation 3 and Vita this week, care of the talented game creators at Vlambeer, and it has stomped my previous expectations into the ground of how fun a flat looking dogfighting game could be. Much like OlliOlli, there is more to this game than what meets the eye.

Brad went full throttle with Luftrausers in his review of the game, saying “the control and strategy of the game reminds me of dolphins hunting a school of fish. You’ll get a bunch of enemies chasing you only for you to turn your ship on a dime and charge right through them.” He also pointed out something that I didn’t notice my first time playing the game.

Each [ship] customization has its own name and more interestingly, its own piece of the soundtrack. So when you remix your build you’re remixing the overall background music too, a really neat touch.

In the video embedded above, I walk through the shipbuilding process in great detail. If you find it too much to bear, simply skip to the 9:05 mark to jump into the actual gameplay. We would love to hear your thoughts on the game. Do you love it, hate it, wish it was something else or had something more?