Fans of Spaghetti Western’s take note: Secret Ponchos is coming to consoles in 2013 | PSNStores

Fans of Spaghetti Western’s take note: Secret Ponchos is coming to consoles in 2013

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The name Secret Ponchos may sound familiar to you regulars, a few of us here have been pretty excited about it after reading the games description on the Canada Media Fund website back in early February. For those of you who have been feeling that same excitement we now we have some more information about Switchblade Monkeys debut game, including the first trailer.

As you can see in the trailer, you take control of one of several different outlaws as you engage in one-on-one duels, team gang fights, and all out free-for-all’s in familiar western locales seen in those classic Western movies we all know and love. Each outlaw you gun down increases your notoriety, putting a bigger target on your head but also awarding you with reputation which can be used to upgrade your skills and modify your appearance.  Besides having different stats each outlaw will sport unique weapons and play styles and I am sure it won’t take much playtime to settle on a favorite (I like the look of the Phantom Poncho). It seems like it won’t take much to go down so running in with guns blazing will probably not get you too far. You will need to play the game with tactics in mind, taking advantage of the destructible cover objects available on each level and exploiting characters strengths and weaknesses.

While this is Switchblade Monkeys first game they are far from freshmen developers, having worked individually in the past for studios like Blizzard and Radical.  Secret Ponchos has been a passion project for the group and according to the president and creative director Yousof Mapara “…we just set out make the game the way a group of friends gets together to form a rock band, and to see how far we can take it. If we make something we love, put our all into it every day and enjoy the creative process, hopefully we will make something others like, too”. The way things are looking I think the team might be on the right track.

While the game is still early in its development they will be showing off a playable pre-alpha build of the game at PAX East later this week which Eric is fortunate enough to attend. So look for some hands-on impressions of the game soon.