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Possible games coming to PSN/Vita via Canada Media Fund (Update)

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The Canada Media Fund (CMF) is a funding program created by the Canadian cable and satellite distributors and the Canadian Government that “Champions the creation and promotion of successful, innovative Canadian content and software applications for current and emerging digital platforms through financial support and industry research”. What makes this fund interesting, and why it’s being talked about on this site, is that video games fall under the category of software applications and the CMF has helped make possible such games as Guacamelee! the upcoming title from Drink Box Studios and 2012’s Papo & Yo from Minority Media.

Applicants can apply to the CMF for funding to help with developing or marketing of their project. Once the funding is preliminary committed the CMF publishes the funding details on their website (http://www.cmf-fmc.ca/) many times before the project is officially announced or discussed publicly in detail.  So after checking out some of their recent entries I have come across a few games that are being funded that may be making their way to the PlayStation Network in the future. We have reached out to the developers for comment and will let you know if any new information becomes available. Do keep in mind that none of this titles as of yet have been confirmed to be coming to PSN.

Opus Pocus – Jetpack Interactive Entertainment LTD.

Pop-up books captivate both children and adults with an irresistible invitation to discover three-dimensional worlds within the confines of two-dimensional books. A truly unique puzzle-adventure, Opus Pocus is unprecedented in the ways in which players can manipulate and interact with the setting itself. It captures the excitement and wonder inspired by this unforgettable storytelling medium and builds upon it by immersing the player in a dynamic, animated, living pop-up book. The pop-up concept provides an extremely interactive gameplay experience on PSN, XBLA, e-Shop, Steam, tablets enabling players to utilize page flips, pull taps, sliders, dials, springs, drawstrings, accordions, and batteries. Each adventure begins by recalling familiar characters, settings or topics, conjuring past emotional attachments to those stories, thereby establishing an instantaneous and engaging connection for players of all ages.

Besides the description found on the CMF website there isn’t much else known about Opus Pocus as nothing about the game is currently mentioned on the Jetpack Interactive website. Hopefully we will hear more about this interesting concept soon.

QuadForce – 9253-1524 Québec Inc. Spearhead Games

Quadforce is a 4-players coop AAA quality action adventure game featuring Real-Time User Generated Context (RTUGC). RTUGC is a design revolution meant to change the paradigm of coop games. Rather than relying on statistics variations to create unique characters, each player is equipped with a unique ability that transforms the environment during gameplay. As gamers embark on an epic journey, the game provides open-ended and non-linear gameplay. Each time the game allows the users to create their own unique solutions and approaches for advancing in the game. The game is being aimed at primarily Steam. XBLA and PSN platforms, and secondarily on Android and iOS.

Trying to find out more information on a game when a company isn’t currently named/listed is quite difficult, especially when Quadforce is also the name of a popular forum for ATV enthusiasts and a Wii emulator. So all we’ve got to go by is the description of the game on the CMF website and we will just have to wait for more information to become publicly available. Update: After doing some more research I managed to find out that the name of the company developing Quadforce is Spearhead Games, which was founded in September 2012 by ex-Ubisoft and EA game designers. Since Spearhead currently doesn’t have a website I wasn’t able to find out much more about the game except that it’s being developed using Unreal Engine 3.

Epic Little Dude  -Exit Earth Entertainment Inc.

There was no details of Epic Little Dude on the CMF, but if you head over  to the Exit Earth Entertainment website you can see that they are targeting as many platforms as possible, including PS3 and Vita. You can also see some screenshots, pre-production footage, a FAQ for the game, and the following description:

Epic Little Dude is an awesome action adventure game being developed by Exit Earth Entertainment in Vancouver, British Columbia. The game incorporates the platforming of Mario 64 with a beat-em up style that is a cross between Double Dragon and Street Fighter. It also draws influence from Megaman in that there’s a primary shooting mechanic and you can upgrade and control gadgets to help you along the way. It’s a blend of all the things we like from those retro games remixed into something new.

Secret Ponchos – Switchblade Monkeys Entertainment Inc.

Secret Ponchos takes place in a highly stylized and dramatic Wild West setting. Players log into the town of Lonetree, as an Outlaw with a bounty on their head. Their goal is to raise their notoriety by taking out as many other player outlaws as they can, without falling at the hands of another. The more you win matches and collect bounties, the higher the value on your head becomes. Players can work cooperatively or competitively in Action based combat. What’s your head worth?

Switchblade Monkeys has yet to officially announce Secret Ponchos but they have set up a teaser site where you can sign up to be notified of the announcement. The only logos on the page besides the CMF and Switchblade Monkeys is PlayStation, so it is looking like this one might be a Sony exclusive.

Cali – Minority Media Inc.

Minority Media is a name that is probably known by a lot of PSN fans as their game Papo & Yo was released last year to high praise for its story and concept, winning multiple awards (including our own Editors Choice). As I mentioned above CMF helped with Papo & Yo and it seems Minority is seeking funding from them for their next game Cali. Unfortunately there is no description on the CMF website so besides knowing the name and the fact that it is a downloadable game we have nothing else. Here is hoping that Cali finds its home on PSN.

Possession – Klei Entertainment Inc.

Klei Entertainment. the makers of Shank and Shank 2, have applied to the CMF for funding for their game Possession. Though, like Cali, no description was provided and they have no mention of the title on their website. As their last two titles have not made their way to PSN we do not know if this one will either.

DeathCon – Slant Six Games Inc.

It looks like Slant Six, known for entries into the SOCOM series and last years Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City, are jumping into the downloadable space with DeathCon. Their website has no mention of DeathCon, but it does mention another upcoming title, Strata Scavenger, which they have received funding from the CMF to develop. It is possible that they have changed the name of DeathCon, but as the funding amounts differ this could possibly be an unannounced game that they are working on.