Dragon Fantasy Book II PAX East 2013 Trailer Sets Sail

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Dragon Fantasy Book II will be at PAX East 2013. How do we know? Here’s the PAX East 2013 trailer showing the game off from various angles.

Back in August 2012, Ben talked briefly about the game’s 16-bit aesthetics, its multiplayer features, and shared with you the PAX Prime 2012 trailer. Wait, what!? Yeah, quality retro games take a long time to develop, just look at the 7 years Brian Provinciano took to build Retro City Rampage for just about every platform available to us.

Dragon Fantasy Book II will be coming to PSN for PlayStation 3 and Vita this Summer according to the end of the trailer. Watching the boating sections in all their SNES-ness gives me goosebumps, while the one dude getting shoved into the ocean is just plain awesome. Do you guys agree that the retro look has a home on PlayStation Network, or are you all about the polish and shine of modern hi-res gaming?