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Dragon Fantasy Book II Announced For PS3 And Vita

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I adore the aesthetic and feel of a good 16 Bit RPG, so when one is announced that takes the spirit of those old titles I have to sit up and take notice. So when Bryan Sawler, President of Muteki Corporation, took to the PlayStation Blog today to announce the company’s latest game, I couldn’t help but crack a smile. Dragon Fantasy Book II, the latest title to take advantage of SCEA’s Pub Fund, is coming to PS3 and Vita in 2013. With visuals highly reminiscent of games of the era, and a soundtrack that sounds straight out of a Squaresoft game, the title certainly looks the part. However, one addition to the formula that sounds rather special indeed is multiplayer. Up to four players can join forces and act as party members for player one. They can take on monsters together, or even explore by themselves and join up with the party at a later date.

Even Dragon Fantasy II’s story reads like it came from an RPG of old. In Bryan’s own words, “As the story begins, the Imperial Armada is closing in on our heroes. It’s not quite clear to them yet why the empire is pursuing them, but they’ll learn soon enough. As they head further and further into the southlands, our heroes will be split up into three teams (representing the original three chapters we’d planned to do episodically), with each discovering important secrets about the war between the Kingdom of Tundaria and the Empire of Sandheim. We’ll see what’s happened in Westeria in our heroes absence! And finally, we’ll learn a little bit about where the Dark Lord came from, how the Woodsman got to be so knowledgeable about things, and just what that purple talisman is all about.” Sounds like a fairly epic quest if you ask me. Dragon Fantasy Book II is out in 2013 for PS3 and Vita, and the developers plan to support cross-buy, which is lovely. Check out the video above for a closer look at the game.

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