Thomas Hopper Announces ‘OUT OF MIND’ Coming to PSM

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T.A.C.S. Games front man Thomas Hopper has officially outed his latest PlayStation Mobile title for Vita and PS Certified Android devices. OUT OF MIND, previously code named ‘toEnd’, looks to be a run’n’gun platformer with a twist. This twist involves shifting gravity which lends to some interesting upside-down platforming.

Thomas Hopper has given us the thumbs up to share this introductory trailer for OUT OF MIND with you. As seen above, it shows a plump looking character running, jumping, shooting, wall jumping, wall sliding, collecting memory cards, teleporting, disobeying talking heads, exploring, and finally doing all that with gravity flipped. There is considerably more action here than most PSM games.

If you were previously on the fence about grabbing Radiant Flux due to the price, this should no longer be an issue now that the price has been reduced from $3.29 to $1.79. And if you paid more like I did, just know that it was for a good cause.

[Source: T.A.C.S. Games]

  • Maggard

    Anyone else try to find Radiant Flux now that the price is dropped and have no luck with the Search? Using both the Search on the PSN Webstore and PS-Vita PSN Store fails to find any results. Now if you use your PS-Vita to access the Mobile Games area, “Radiant Flux” is under the Action category.

    • KosmoCrisis

      I found it by scrolling down through “New Releases”. PlayStation Mobile section lacks an “All” category. There also is no search function while in the actual PSM section of the Vita store, nor is there a PSM section at all on the SEN webstore.

  • I’m down with this, for sure.