Jetpack Joyride Vita Update v1.02 is Live

Posted by on February 1st, 2013 | 3 Comments | Tags:

An update for the Vita version of Jetpack Joyride brings the title up to version 1.02 in North America. It comes bearing physical button support without having to change any settings. You still have to choose the front or back touch controls, but now the d-pad and face buttons all work as well. No shoulder button or analog stick controls in case this was what you wanted.

This update came to Europe a little while back so its nice to finally see it come to North America. I remember Facebook being an option to share your best scores, but now I’m able to share with Twitter. Go download the update and tell us what other changes you’ve noticed.

  • I wanted button controls back when it first came out, but now I’m so used to rear touch that I’m probably just going to stick with it. The only other difference I’ve noticed is that it seems to take longer to load up the in-game store now (it has this extra ‘Updating Stash’ screen now), which is a bit annoying.

    I hope this update fixes the crashing. I’ve had the game crash on me several times, and it sucks because it always seems to happen when I’m on a good run. While several times isn’t that bad considering how much I’ve played the game, it’d still be better if it didn’t do so at all.

    • KosmoCrisis

      It’s faster for me. Something overlaps the screen for a split second, maybe the ‘Updating Stash’ popup you speak of. I’ve noticed that if I don’t cold boot my Vita once a week, strange happenings occur.

    • For me the store used to load pretty fast already, but now the ‘Updating Stash’ popup delays it. It ranges how long it lasts though, as I’ve had times where it was only there for a split second and I’ve had times where it was there for nearly five seconds (which can start to get annoying when you need to keep switching gadgets between runs).