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Dr. Dude/Firepower Promo Video Beeps and Pops

Posted by on February 19th, 2013 | 6 Comments | Tags:

Catch the ray!

The latest gameplay video to come from FarSight Studios showcases Dr. Dude and Firepower with all the beeps and pops a retro pinball fan could ask for. The original Dr. Dude table was released just over 20 years ago while Firepower was released just over 30 years ago. Both tables should be available on iOS and Android now which is the typical release pattern for all the table packs as those markets produce higher sales and a faster submission process.

Previous table packs typically see a PS3/Vita release 1-2 months after the mobile releases get most of the bugs ironed out. The console version is seen as the optimized version in the eyes of FarSight Studios, with improved lighting and physics. I personally don’t mind the wait if it allows them to work the kinks out before the public gets their hands on it. Anyone out there actually play either Dr. Dude or Firepower in the arcades?