Sumioni: Demon Arts and Orgarhythm Hit EU PlayStation Store for Vita Tomorrow

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XSEED Games has announced today that two Vita titles previously released in North America will be released in Europe tomorrow. The action platformer Sumioni: Demon Arts and the music/rhythm strategy Orgarhythm will finally get their time to shine on the other side of the Atlantic.

Both of these games have been out in North America for quite some time. Take a look at the PSNStores review for Sumioni: Demon Arts to learn about this uniquely artistic platformer.

While I enjoyed my time as an Inkdemon in ancient Japan a little more variety in stages and enemies/bosses and a better melee combat system would have made the experience a much more enjoyable one. – Andrew B

Orgarhythm is another unique game that lends its gamplay mechanic well with Vita’s touchscreen. Here’s PSNStores review for Orgarhythm to help our friends shopping from the EU PS Store decide if its a proper investment or not.

There are a lot of good ideas included and on paper I think the game sounds fantastic. It’s in practice where things begin to fall apart. – Curtis H

Let us know in the comments below if you’ve been waiting for either of these unique XSEED Vita games to come to your region abroad?