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Orgarhythm Arrives On Vita October 23rd!

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Earlier this year XSEED announced that they’d be bringing Orgarhythm to the US and now we finally have an official launch date.

Orgarhthm will be available for purchase for the PlayStation Vita on October 23rd for $29.99. The real-time strategy game uses a rhythmic control method allowing players to control their armies and defend their god by keeping with the beat and on-screen prompts. You’ll control the God of Light as you face off against the forces of the God of Darkness while deploying elemental soldiers synced with the beats of rock, club and tribal music. Attacks are based upon the Earth, Fire, and Water elements which naturally lean upon a Rock, Paper, Scissors relationship.

Controlling your armies, changing positions, attacking as well as adding boosts will be done completely using the touch screen. Orgarhythm also features co-op and versus play via ad-hoc network play.