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Stardrone Extreme is 50% for Plus Subscribers Tomorrow

Posted by on January 14th, 2013 | 1 Comment | Tags: ,

PlayStation Plus deals for this week have been announced on the PlayStation Blog, and Vita owners have not been left out this time. StarDrone Extreme can be purchased for just $2.00 if you have an active PlayStation Plus subscription. That is a #YOPO Cross Buy title netting you the PS3 version at no additional cost.

PSNStores has all the info you’d ever need on StarDrone to help you along the path of either purchasing it or passing on it altogether. Take a peruse through our StarDrone Extreme review or the Stardrone PSN review, as well as the news about the controversial StarDrone level skip DLC being free [confirmed in North America].

Of course that’s not the biggest announcement from this week’s Plus deals, but its the only PSN-exclusive deal. Plus subscribers with a PS3 will also be entitled to the downloadable version of Darksiders tomorrow. Will you clear 136 MB of free space from your Vita for StarDrone Extreme?