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Sacred Citadel Side-Scrolling onto PSN

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Over on the PlayStation Blog Rupert Ochsner, Brand Manager for Deep Silver, reminds us about the side-scrolling action brawler called Sacred Citadel. Said to be the answer to a “lack of quality titles that truly harken back to the golden age of brawlers.” We say you be the judge and check out the embedded trailer.

As Ben last mentioned in November 2012, Sacred Citadel is based on the Sacred series, and the backdrop is in fact borrowed from Sacred 3. Developer Southend Interactive has made several games for previous generations such as the comic book stylized first-person shooter XIII and Tecmo Bowl Throwback. They are working on Sacred Citadel as another multi-platform release, not a PSN exclusive unfortunately.

After watching the trailers, I see a game that is remarkably like a blend of three other games. The fighting and combos in the trailer remind me a lot of Shank. We can only hope Sacred Citadel has a few more tricks up its sleeves than Shank 2 had over Shank 1. Riding beasts around the level in co-op mode harkons back to Golden Axe. The screen filling level bosses looked a lot like God of War enemies, don’t they?

Whatever I think the game looks like, it won’t matter until everyone gets to play it. In his post, Ochsner tells us that Sacred Citadel will feature side-scrolling hack-n-slash gameplay using a 3D game engine. Players will be able to move around the environment and not be locked to a single plane. The story is deep and will have scattered story links connected to happenings in Sacred 3.

We’ll keep our eyes on this game and bring you more details on it as they arise. In the meantime, there are some character trailers including the latest one featuring Khukuri Shaman. Get ready for some online and local multiplayer, looting, character leveling, and weapon combining coming to PSN this half of 2013.

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