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Get Your Mount On In Sacred Citadel

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If you told me that the makers of absolutely adorable puzzle game Ilomilo were making a 2D action game based in the Sacred universe, I would have laughed briefly and then accepted it as the nature of game development. Southend Interactive’s interesting take on the Sacred universe has been looking better every time i’ve seen it, and today’s news makes it all the more interesting. Today, Deep Silver released new information on the title’s co-op, detailing how 1-3 players either locally or offline will be able to tackle the game together and combine their abilities in order to work together and support each other. Think of it like a buddy cop film except with less retirement and more swords.

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In just as interesting a way, Deep Silver also talked about the game’s newly revealed mount system. You’ll be able to steal your enemies’ rides and use their special abilities. One example specifically mentioned was the tusked bull mount, which can ram your enemies. Sacred Citadel will be out in 2013, and the story will link into Sacred 3, which will co-incidentally also release in 2013. Synergy!