New Terraria Trailer Shows Off New Content For PSN Release

Posted by on January 23rd, 2013 | 3 Comments | Tags:

This new trailer for the console release of Terraria shows off some of the new content that’ll be in the game. Things like new maps, weapons, armor, enemies, split screen multiplayer as well as online play. No specific release date for the game has been announced as of this writing.

  • Freelance

    Not interested. I already have it on PC.

  • Anemology

    I love terraria, I have it on PC but will still probably pick it up for PSN to play with friends and family

  • Agent101g

    Sad that most ppl can’t appreciate more than one platform at a time. I love terraria on pc but am über excited to Play w new content on a sixty inch widescreen HDTV instead of tiny pc monitor. plus, On console multiplayer actually works on games like these. It’s a real Pita to setup on pc