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Gun Commando Is Green Hill and Ripstone’s Next Game For PSM

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Having successfully released Panic! and Cosmic Clean Up both for PlayStation Mobile, and Knytt Underground for PS3 and Vita, Green Hill and Ripstone are preparing their next collaborative PSM game.

Gun Commando is described as an 8-bit first-person shooter. You read that right. Plays like DOOM and feels like a SHMUP. The weapon upgrade system is described as one that requires accuracy and it rewards you for meeting this requirement.

Here’s how the story goes. Earth has been invaded by aliens and you are the Gun Commando tasked to shoot, run, and dodge your way through 20 alien strongholds. A quote from Phil Gaskell, the Creative Director and Co-Founder at Ripstone, says it all.

Fans of old school shooters are going to love Gun Commando. The team at Green Hill have really captured the nostalgia of early first-person shooters and cleverly combined it with slick controls on smartphones, and amazing production values thanks to comic-book artist Romano Molenaar.

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Maarten de Koning, Managing Director & Co-Founder at Green Hill, describes Gun Commando as a “perfect blend of R-Type and Doom.” This just about describes the screenshots provided above.

Gun Commando doesn’t have a set release date yet and you know we’ll be sharing that information as soon as Green Hill and Ripstone are ready to share. Take a look at some additional character art from Gun Commando below.

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